December 5, 2017 Board Meeting

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jennifer Simpson, Marilyn Frankel*, Christine Semeniuk, Marcia McIntyre, Jack Lazareck, Heidi Nichols, Jo Ann Klooz*, Gloria Bennett, Tom Ralley, John Jordan, Carolyn Dixon, Rich Becker, Stevan Cohen, Pete Jacobsen, David Owen, Lorna Schilling, Adele Thompson.  *incoming Board members

The meeting began with a potluck. The minutes of the October 24 Board meeting were approved with one addition involving wording Weston has suggested for classes offered by the chapters.  "Actions plans" were reviewed.

Corinne will invite Patrick Proden of the Extension service to the February meeting. She plans to preface his presentation with short descriptions of our current programs, including how we support MG training, the Demo garden, the speakers  program, the IE sale, and our communication innovations. Pete and Rich have offered to do some of these and Sally Campbell was suggested for one. Corinne will assemble representative photos. Action--Corinne will find members to complete this roster.

Farm Bill:  Liv Brumfield of Congressman Earl Blumenauer's staff recently met with Corinne, Eddy Rosen, and Robin Greenwood to talk about the 2018 Farm Bill and our possible role educating members and the public about it. The draft bill may be available in January and we can include a link to it in our e-news. Corinne and Eddie are also looking into the possibility of Liv or the Congressman making a short presentation at one of the noon programs at MG training. Rich suggested that we ask Bevan regarding the noon talks.  Marilyn suggested that we forward the information to OMGA.  Weston is being kept apprised of our activities in this area and fully supports as long as our efforts to educate the public do not extend to any endorsement or support of any specific legislative proposal.   Action—Corinne will write an article for the January eNews and relay the information to OMGA.  Also send the noon talk request to Bevan.

Corinne said officer job descriptions recently circulated will become policy with a few suggested changes. Corinne is still compiling descriptions of committee responsibilities. Actions--Committee heads to finish getting this information to Corinne; group to review document.

Budget: Christine led continued discussion of the 2018 budget. *Our current balance is $67,930. This is too much money to qualify for OMGA's "Send a Friend to Mini-College" scholarships but it was decided we will fund three June Shank Memorial Scholarships of $150 each for Mini-College.
*The Demo garden Annex budget was filled in--the Annex committee expects to spend $3500 (new figure) on plants and about $14,000 (an increase) to move the greenhouse.
*It was agreed that we will contribute $1000 towards the new IPM website.
*OMGA--We will be hosting the November meeting (November 3-4, 2018.) Marcia is coordinating the search for a venue. OMGA will give us $300 towards our expenses. We are budgeting $400.
*Computers and software--The bookkeeper needs a new computer. Christine has been researching suitable software. $400-500 will be budgeted for this.
*Explanation for this deficit budget was repeated. It is due to the "Annex bubble," one time construction expenses.
Action, finalize budget at early January Board meeting and present budget to the membership at the January Chapter meeting.

Awards:  John reported all have been distributed.

Communications: Dave said we will probably move to the comprehensive "Google Suite," which permits file sharing and archiving among its advantages. He is planning transition strategies beginning with an unspecified pilot project and mentioned the idea of enticing people to learn the system with the offer of a Multnomah Master Gardener e-mail address. Kate Davenport and Dave are making a communications survey for the membership. Pete is the new editor of the e-news. He plans to put the news on the (public) Web site, using a link accessible only to members. He said advantages include being able to correct mistakes and see how many people are reading various parts of the news. Action--Provide feedback to these communication efforts.

Demo garden: Heidi reported a generally good year with stable volunteer hours and many visitors though some crops were "duds." Gloria said the Annex design committee, Nancy Fine, Dennis Brown, and Gloria, have found designers for almost all the beds. Many of these people are new to the Demo garden, two are students, and two are trained in the Backyard Habitat program.

*Corinne circulated a flyer with beautiful garden photos from the Tuscon Arizona Master Gardener Demo Garden.

 Financial review: Tom said he is gathering a team that will conduct a review of the Chapter's finances when the 2017 books are closed, using the random sampling method he proposed at the last meeting. Action--Proceed as above, then report findings to group.

 Membership: Heidi said on-line renewals are ready to go. The trials Kate ran included a way for members to make additional donations. Members' interests and special abilities are also included with the on-line renewals and are retrievable now. She plans to begin in-person renewals next week at the December greens party. Pete has designed the cover for the next Directory. Action--Renew membership!

 Privacy policy: Corinne presented a policy for members regarding their inclusion in recorded media (attached.) It was approved with one minor addition. Action--Corinne and the ad-hoc committee will continue refining and recording policies and procedures. Goal is one or two per month.

 Speakers bureau Jenessa Datema is taking on the coordinator role of the speakers bureau, replacing Linda Eggiman. There is a variety of topics with Power Point presentations (mostly produced by Washington County but available to us) ready for groups requesting a Master Gardener speaker and several members have volunteered to be presenters. Marcia requested that a speaker be allowed to borrow the chapter's A-V equipment for presentations within Multnomah County. No objections were voiced.

 Greens party: The holiday greens party is December 12. Jo Ann is coordinating the event. Greens will come from the Leach Gardens and members. She said plans are in place for the big tarp, getting the stored supplies, purchasing additional materials, music, refreshments, and cleanup.

 Adele Thompson, secretary
December 16, 2017