January 2, 2018 Board Meeting

Corinne Thomas-Kersting, John Jordan, Stevan Cohen, Marcia McIntyre, Christine Semeniuk, Tom Ralley, Eddy Rosen, Jack Lazareck, Rich Becker, Pete Jacobsen, Beven Peters, Adele Thompson

Minutes of the December meeting were reviewed, edited, and approved. They will be put on-line for member access.

President's news
*OMGA has asked for a roster of our officers and committees with contact information. Corinne circulated the list so we could check accuracy and give our permission to send it to them.
*Corinne circulated a letter from our state program coordinator, Gail Langellotto, which gives a current overview of her role.
*She announced that Eddy will host a "workshop" for interns in his big vegetable garden again this summer. The date is July 7. Weston Miller plans to attend. Action, as the date grows closer, find volunteers to offer refreshments to the group.
*Patrick Proden, Extension outreach representative for Multnomah and Washington counties, is coming to the February Board meeting. We are planning to present a brief introduction to our chapter before he speaks. Action Corinne is making a slide show and several members will speak on aspects of our program--the Demo garden and Annex; the IE sale; Chapter communications; and support of Master Gardener training.
*2018 Food and Farm Act--see December 5 minutes. Liv Brumfield, a member of Congressman Earl Blumenauer's staff, contacted Corinne about our potential role in informing the public about this legislation. Corinne envisions that we might be able to support or help coordinate a public meeting later this spring. Action, continue discussion. Identify point person(s) to work on this.

Budget 2018
The budget is nearly ready. Christine suggests one minor change to the draft we discussed in December, merging two items (that both involve the Chapter's clinic box.) Pete noted that even excluding the large expenses incurred by the Demo Garden Annex, this is a deficit budget. Christine said donations have dropped. She said we might want to consider raising dues next year to support our general operating budget. The budget was approved by unanimous vote for recommendation to the membership at the January 9 chapter meeting. Corinne is planning a slide show that will inform members how we earn our money and how we spend it. Christine will present the budget.

Book Sales: Sharon Baker sent word that we earned $102.50 from used book sales at the greens party last month. She requests the money be spent on education and outreach. No objections.

Tom brought up a possible problem he has gleaned from our by-laws. The past-president has a one-year term. But when the president is elected to a second term, what becomes of the past president? Can he still serve? Can he vote? Corinne urged him to continue his role fully for now. Action, consider the issue for a future formal by-laws clarification.

OMGA meeting
We have committed to hosting the November OMGA meeting. We have not secured a location yet. Eddy will look into one possibility. Action, Eddy will report on this. Others can offer suggestions.

Membership renewals
A recent attempt at on-line renewal did not work for Corinne or Jack – led to test page only after information was inputted. Several suggestions were offered. Action, Corinne will follow up with Kate and consider if members need step-by-step directions.

Metro Liaison
*Rich said all stickers for 2018 Master Gardeners have been sent. Someone who didn't get theirs should contact the office.
*Flyers publicizing the 2018 course are available from the office and can be sent to people wanting to distribute them.

IE sale
The new landscaping in the church parking lot has presented new challenges for the IE sale. Beven showed some possible layouts that will include almost all the elements planned for the sale. She is still working on this. Rich said it is possible we will need another site. Action, Beven and Rich will keep the Board informed.

A few months ago, Weston had requested that Chapters don't use the words "workshop" or “clinic” to refer to their presentations. The term workshop will be reserved for those events that interns are required to take to meet their class requirements. The goal is to reduce confusion when interns are being introduced to the Master Gardener world. Corinne led the discussion. Alternative words were mentioned—hands-on class, seminar, course, etc. Agreement that the alternate term for Chapter learning activities that are “workshop-like” will be hands-on class. Action, comply with request.

Pete was thanked for making the e-news a place for members to go for current information.

The policy for creating new policies was discussed and mostly approved. Following minor changes, it will be ready for voting (first approval) when next on the agenda. Action, Corinne to present final draft.

Annex greenhouse
Pete said formal negotiations for the purchase of the greenhouse will begin this month.

Speakers/Monthly Meetings
"Enlightenment minutes," are short intermission presentations at our chapter meetings. Corinne said she will put together a short power point about the 2018 budget and Stephanie Pringle will share information about mason bees next month.

Adele Thompson, substitute secretary
January 8, 2018