June 26, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jack Lazareck, Marilyn Frankel, Rich Becker, Tom Ralley, Stevan Cohen, John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Pete Jacobsen, Lorna Schilling, Nancy Fine, Jennifer Simpson, Suzanne Cavicchi, Dave Owen, Carolyn Dixon, Eddie Rosen, Jo Ann Klooz

Minutes of the May meeting were approved. 

President (Corinne)

Upcoming Board meetings are August 28 (tentative), September 25, October 23, no November meeting, December 4th (at Hawthorne fire station) and Thursday, January 3, 2019. 

The board will be changing to 90-minute meetings because the community room at all fire stations need to be vacated by 8:30 pm. Typically, board meetings last 2 hours+.

Tabor Space has communicated concerns that our chapter may owe for the monthly meeting space. According to our records, the landscape work we’ve done in the past should cover this.  We need to organize these records, communicate clearly, and renew our relationship with the church. Additionally, we want to be careful that we stay true to the MG mission of education and outreach rather than providing labor alone for landscaping efforts on the church property.

The chapter received an OMGA grant in 2017 to purchase educational materials for school age children.  Corinne has completed the purchase of these materials and shared an inventory and description of the items.  

Discussion of proposed bylaw changes and first approval for the following

-       Article II.  Organization: Replace financial audit with a biennial financial review.

-      Article IV.  Voting and Elections:  Align the timelines for nominations and elections to correspond with our practices (nominations in October rather than in September; election at the November Chapter meeting).  

A seed swap was discussed as a possibility for a future chapter meeting.  

 Request for non-budgeted funds:  A motion was made and approved to allocate $200 for monthly meeting refreshments to be used for the duration of 2018.

Vice President (Jack)

Jack is collecting officer and committee descriptions. Still waiting on a few. 

Tom will help Jack with identification of candidates for 2019 officer positions

Treasurer (Stevan)

Steven needs to gather data for nonprofit status/IRS reports and wants to identify the responsible person for tracking numbers for chapter meetings and other chapter events. Stevan will contact leads and coordinators for the following information:  # volunteers, # volunteer hours and # public.  For the 2018 year, the leads for chapter/partner educational outreach activities are the following:

·       Monthly Speaker Series – Joanne (members sign in and the sheets are given to the secretary for tracking)

·       Winter Pruning at the Oregon Food Bank - Marcia

·       Summer Pruning at the Oregon Food Bank - Marcia

·       Cane Berry Pruning at Demo Garden - Rich

·       Other classes at the Demo Garden (irrigation, raise bed class, etc.) - Heidi & Nancy

·       Earth Day at LGL – Lettuce Bowl Planting - Sharon

·       Harvest Fest at LGL – Carolyn

·       Share Your Garden Tours - Corinne

·       Summer Veggie Class for Interns - Eddie

·       IEPS Kids Grow - Corinne

·       IEPS Plant. Grow. Eat. Tent - Marcia

Spending Policy & Procedures:  Tom made edits to the draft which was sent out in advance of the board meeting. Corinne read the changes. The board gave first approval to this P&P. 

OMGA Reps (Lorna and Marilyn)

G2 Silent Auction donations from our Chapter:  donations consisting of photographs (Eddie) in frames (Corinne) and hand-made soaps (Jo Ann) were collected and will be taken to the G2 conference by Lorna. THANK-YOU donors, for the art and hand-craft!

OMGA meeting in Portland:  Discussion of what should go in the welcome packets for the November 2-4 meeting at Oregon Food Bank. Ideas for suggested venue brochures included Saturday market, Tram, Oregon Food Bank, Powell’s Book Store, Audubon House, Forest Park and the Gorge.

 Communications (Dave)

Susanne now producing the E News and the transition with Pete is complete.  Welcome Susanne and a big THANK YOU Pete for the work you have done to take our eNews to the next level!

MG Advisory (Jack and Rich)

Metro Advisory meeting on July 25 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Food Innovation Center on Naito Parkway. It’s a chance to share your thoughts with Metro staff. Rsvp to Extension office required

The next board meeting is tentatively August 28, 2018 and may be a potluck.