August 28, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Marilyn Frankel, Tom Ralley,  John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schilling, Carolyn Dixon, Eddie Rosen, Jo Ann Klooz, Adele Thompson, Dave Owen and Kate Davenport 

Minutes of the June meeting were approved.

President’s announcements 

Board moved to donate $200 for a retirement gift for Jordis from the Multnomah County MG staff. This money will be pooled with funds from other Metro chapters for one gift. 

Marcia has talked with the staff at Mt. Tabor about the rental fee discrepancy. We’re exploring the idea of holding workshops to teach and demonstrate pruning skills. The board wants to be clear and considerate in ensuring that Master Gardening volunteer time is true to the mission of education and outreach rather than labor for hire. 

Carolyn will identify people to coordinate snacks for the chapter meetings in October and November. 

Board members discussed concerns following an incident involving an MG’s behavior at a public event. Several MCMG are concerned about clarification on behavior expectations and the process once a complaint has been filed. The incident resulted in OSU removing an MG from the program. Action Item:Corrinne and Jack will meet with Weston on 9/25.  

Growing Gardeners Conference 

A discussion at the request of OMGA about what to do with the annual training.  We need alternative ways to host and coordinate the event. Options include: 

1.     Keep the process the same with 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents of OMGA as co-chairs of the conference.

2. Hire a conference event planner

3. Hold 3 or 4 regional conferences

4. Hold the conference in one of several regions of Oregon with that region’s chapters taking on responsibility for the event. 

Most board members chose option #2 and that recommendation will be forwarded to the OMGA. 

A motion was seconded and approved to spend $300 for the September Harvest Fest to rent an ADA approved women’s bathroom.


MCMG G Suite Presentation 

The suite has multiple features that will make communications among MCMG chapter and board members easier. There are shared calendars and chapter specific email addresses for each member. Document sharing is easier and allows multiple users to edit simultaneously. Currently we have ‘siloed’ environments for documents. This new sharing technology allows for real-time collaboration. Our chapter is qualified as a non-profit with Google, so these services are free. The demonstration garden is currently using some of the tools and the schedule is to transition the board and others to G Suite by the beginning of 2019. 

 Upcoming Board meetings are October 23, no November meeting,