September 25, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Marilyn Frankel, Tom Ralley, John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schilling, Jo Ann Klooz, Dave Owen, Kate Davenport, Rich Becker, Jack Lazareck Pete Jacobsen, Christine Semeniuk, Stevan Cohen 

Minutes of the August meeting were amended and approved. 

President’s announcements

Corrine asked everyone to come up with ideas of keeping to the upcoming 90-minute board meeting format. Everyone was given Post-It notes and asked to put them on a board. Recommendations include:


Time keeper

Time limits for agenda items

Time keeper, possibly using a kitchen timer

Limit the agenda to items that can be completed in 90 minutes

Limit the time any individual may speak

Between meetings      

Officers confer between meetings to take care of some business

Committee chairs work with members to put together recommendations and proposals

Approve minutes via email prior to board meeting

 Have a pre-meeting by email with proposals

 When G Suite is active, board members use it as a tool to confer outside of board meetings

 Documents for approval should be vetted well in advance

 Content-during meeting

Committee chairs and officers should come to meetings prepared to speak to the agenda topics and should be mindful of their use.

Committee chairs come prepared with brief report and recommendations

Better understanding of committee versus board work

Limit committee work (long discussions and planning) at board meeting

Restrict opportunities for outside speakers to special meetings

Limit time of non-board members to speak 

Action Item:  Review, determine our agreements and commit

Policy and Procedure

Proposed bylaw changes for financial review and nomination of officers. The changes received second and final approval.

Action Item:Announce changes to chapter in email communication to prepare for November chapter vote.

MG Program Conduct expectations

How is inappropriate conduct defined? What is the process after an incident occurs? Several MG’s are concerned after the removal of an MG from the program.

Action Item:Weston Miller to meet with concerned MG’s at the Demo Garden on September 27.

 Officer Nominations

Jack is looking for candidates for Treasurer and President. 

Action Items: The nomination committee (Tom and Jack) will develop a plan for moving nominations forward. Jack will develop a plan for moving job descriptions forward and available on GSuite.

 Spending Policy and Procedure

Summary-Methods for providing input into planning the budget and requesting money that exceeds or is outside of budget. A vote gives second approval to the procedure.

 Action Item:Add to chapter announcements.

 Budget Timeline

October- First draft with finalization and approval by the end of the year. This year’s big-ticket item is the greenhouse for the Demonstration Garden Annex. 

Action Item: Treasurer will draft based on board and member input and present for discussion October board meeting


OMGA Representatives


OMGA is recommending that the first year of service hours for a Master Gardener be 50 or less for certification. They have only received on Search for Excellence application. They have opened an Amazon Smile account for donations.


Some statewide statistics:

2,847 OMGA members

  238 members attended Growing Gardeners 

21 of 23 counties participated in G2

78 percent of OMGA members are female

96 percent of OMGA members are white

 Awards and Recognition

John says Search for Excellence award application will be prepared for the Demonstration Garden. 

Action Item:Policy and Procedure will be written for awardcriteria of various awards that the Chapter A&R Committee determines (June Shank, OMGA Send a Friend, Longevity). 


Dave says look for October emails asking you to sign up for new email account for the chapter. Each officer/chairiswill be responsible for archiving his/her files in G Suite.  This process TBD and will be included in the officer/chair descriptions.  

Action Items:  Officers to work with Dave to sign up for Gmail account. E-News Susanne needs photos and content for the newsletter.

Demonstration Garden

Pete reports record yields from the Demo Garden. His initial research shows an estimate from a local installer for the greenhouse for the annex at about $24K for the materials and $18K for installation for a total estimate of $42K. They are talking with Portland Parks about erecting a permanent structure. Current contract language means that any structures added become property of Portland Parks. Pete is working on clarifying language by the beginning of 2019 to retain ownership of any structure added 

Action Item:  Pete continue research on greenhouse costs and report to board.

Upcoming Board meetings are October 23 and November 27. No December meeting.

Submitted by Jo Ann Klooz, MCMGA Secretary (Minutes approved October 23, 2018)