March 27, 2018 Board Meeting

Multnomah County Master Gardeners Board meeting, March 27, 2018

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Rich Becker, Stevan Cohen, Carolyn Dixon, Marilyn Frankel, Pete Jacobsen, Eddy Rosen, Marcia McIntyre, Jack Lazareck, Dave Owen, Tom Ralley, Nancy Fine, Jennifer Simpson, Adele Thompson

Minutes of the February Board meeting were reviewed and approved.

President's announcements
*Corinne and several other Master Gardeners recently attended a meeting with the Cully Neighborhood called the Cully Food Summit on community gardens in urban settings. She circulated a PSU research report stemming from a review of urban gardens which recommends expanding their presence. (Corinne said we concur.)

*Corinne passed around cards for us to sign thanking members Evie Hausman and Stephanie Pringle for their presentations ("Enlightenment minutes") at recent Chapter meetings.

*Corinne and Eddy will open their gardens for members to visit June 23. Some other noteworthy members' gardens were mentioned. Action: (? who?) could ask Judy Battles and Stephanie Pringle if they would also participate in open gardens this summer.

*Corinne showed a draft of a new form, "Request for additional funds," which will accompany requests for money over budgeted amounts. The next policy work will focus on finances. Action: Stevan will form a committee to draft text to guide us on large expenditures and spending over budget.

OMGA meeting
We have agreed to host the quarterly OMGA meeting in November. Several venues were again discussed including one in Washington County which some concerns were voiced. Action: Marilyn and Lorna will talk about the options and offer their recommendations at the next meeting.

Dave said the Communications Committee’s focus is currently working on how to support information about the IE sale and raffle. They are also documenting policies for communication issues, especially regarding privacy of contact information; constructing a survey of members' needs and interests; continuing work on Google Suite; and offering their help to members needing their technical expertise on MG matters.

Kate has put a link on the Web site for suggesting Chapter meeting speakers.

Pete wants material for the April e-News issue by the end of this month.

Invited guest Patrick Proden, OSU Extension Outreach and Engagement Regional Administrator for Multnomah and Washington Counties. We introduced ourselves then Pete, Corinne, Rich, and Dave told Patrick about specific activities of our Chapter, illustrated with Corinne's customized slide show. Patrick described his background working with volunteers including leadership in the Peace Corps in Africa. In front of a complex organizational chart, he explained his role. He contrasted Extension's substantial presence in Washington County with its smaller

presence in Multnomah County attributed to the stable funding that Washington County provides compared to no local money from our county. He does feel like changes are likely, both in the way Extension is organized statewide (moving from 12 regions to 6 with Clackamas County possibly joining the Metro area group) and eventually in the way Multnomah County works with Extension. He thinks OSU's new campus in Portland will highlight OSU Extension's possibilities to the city. He thinks as Extension can show the results of some large projects we can use this to leverage more standing in Portland. Action: Corinne (other officers?) to maintain contact with Patrick

IE Sale
Rich showed a copy of the probable sale layout. New landscaping in the parking lot has made a challenging design problem.

Demo Garden Annex
Pete talked about his research and thoughts since the offer of a free greenhouse was withdrawn. Costs to purchase and erect a large greenhouse could top $30,000, an amount we cannot incorporate in the current budget. Several people offered thoughts on where to go from here. We perceive general support for the Annex among members. Action: Continue broad discussions of ways to finance a greenhouse, possibly with partners, as it will allow us to offer more classes and programs, fulfilling our mission.

Policies and procedures
The policy on voting practices at Board meetings was approved (initial vote.) Action: hold final vote next month.

Intern potluck
The General meeting next month is the intern-welcoming potluck. Carolyn said plans are going well. Action: encourage veterans to sign up for the potluck and members to RSVP.

Adele Thompson, substitute secretary
April 4, 2018