April 24,2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jack Lazarek, Marilyn Frankel, Adele Thompson, Rich Becker, Tom
Ralley, Stevan Cohen, John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Pete Jacobsen, Lorna Schilling, Nancy
Fine, Jennifer Simpson

Minutes of the March meeting were reviewed and approved.

President’s announcements
OMGA Search for Excellence
Share your garden tours-Eddie, Evie, Corrine, Stephanie- set for Saturday June 23

Vice President
Jack is looking for better job descriptions for Board and Comittee members.

Stevan is creating a spreadsheet to collect numbers on service hours and numbers of people
reached. He will clarify who collects specific data points to show impact to the IRS. Number of
volunteers and hours as well and numbers of people reached. Questions were raised about
counting MG clinics and possible overlap with OMGA reporting.
Spending policy-Funding request form available for members. Asks for expected community
benefit and requires a 4 week lead time. Policy to be voted on at the May board meeting.

OMGA Portland meeting
Locations are still being finalized and the latest to be considered are Overlook and Oregon Food Bank. The event is set for the first weekend in November.

Growing Gardeners silent auction.
July 12-14 at Linfield College.

Dave and his committee continue to work on Google Suite and pot luck survey results.
Procedures and policies for use of MG contact information. We will safeguard and protect
member information. The Directory will be available in printed form only. The measure was
moved and seconded. 13 ayes and 2 no. Second vote at the May board meeting.
E-news goes out May 1.

Financial report
Tom explained his review shows that records have been well-kept and are accurate. He
recommends making this review an annual or biennial procedure. The board should examine
wether or not we need a change in by-laws to reflect this schedule.

IE Plant Sale
Rich is finalizing layout and we’ve got extra cashiers for the event to make it better for

Demo Garden Annex
Pete says the annex is entering a new phase. New beds have been built and planted.

Thanks to Heidi, Pete, Tom and Lucy Keating for their work on the directory.

Policies and Procedures
Voting practices final vote. 15 ayes- approved.