May 22, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jack Lazarek, Marilyn Frankel, Adele Thompson, Rich Becker, Tom Ralley, Stevan Cohen, John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Pete Jacobsen, Lorna Schilling, Nancy Fine, Jennifer Simpson, Kate Davenport

Minutes of the April meeting were amended, reviewed and approved.

President’s announcements:

The July board meeting is suspendedand the August meeting is still tentatively on the schedule for August 28.

Share your garden tours-Eddie, Evie, Corinne, Demo Garden, Demo Annex and Pablo on Saturday June 23.

OSU Extension requires us to follow best practices for MG potlucks and bake sales. This requirement means that many home baked items will not be allowed, including cakes with buttercream frosting. Our monthly meetings will be impacted because we invite the public. 


1) eNews Editor responsibility will transition from Pete to Susanne Cavicchi.


2) Survey is being created to learn about demographics and communications preferences.

3) G Suite project will be ready for early pilot adopters soon.  Pete requested the Communications Committee make a presentation to the board.

4) Website-Creating SOP (standard operating procedures) for Square Space


Spending policy draft- Discussion around how to handle approval by email. Corinne says this is a voting rather than a spending issue. 

Discussion of Spending policy regarding amounts president, board and membership approve and use of this policy. Is it for spending beyond budget limits or for new projects? Christine says some of the language for this exists in current by-laws. 

Metrics for the financial report: OMGA treasurer says there’s no need to collect information for events where MCMG doesn’t make money. Christine presented a handout with definition and terms of guidelines for submitting a report to the IRS. She says the standard is reasonable accuracy. Monthly meeting attendance data will be collected by the secretary and event coordinators should collect numbers from events. 

OMGA Portland meeting

Oregon Food Bank has been confirmed as the location for the Portland meeting November 2-4, 2018. We’ll need to find volunteers to prepare food for 30-40 people and local information for bags to invite members by September. 

Growing Gardeners silent auction. July 12-14 at Linfield College. Eddie will provide photos, Corinne will donate frames and Jo Ann will donate handmade soaps. 

IE Plant Sale

The 2018 sale was a big success! Extra cashiers  and a new layout may have contributed to an estimated net profit of approximately $19,000. The net for the past two years has been between $14,000 and $15,000. 

Demo  Garden

Heidi is concerned about having enough volunteers for harvesting as the season continues. About 200 pounds has been harvested already and that amount is comparable to the 2017 season.

Policies and Procedures

Communication policy about use of contact info. The policy has been approved with a final vote of 8 ayes and 3 no. 

The next board meeting is June 26, 2018.