November 27, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Marilyn Frankel, Tom Ralley, John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schilling, JoAnn Klooz, Carolyn Dixon, Nancy Fine, Linda Kenney, Dave Owen, Rich Becker, Christine Semeniuk, Pete Jacobsen, Jack Lazareck, Stephanie Pringle, Susanne Cavicchi, Robert Medley, Gloria Bennett, Cynthia Chase, Linda Goldser, Eleanor Burke, Jennifer Simpson.

Minutes of the October meeting were amended and approved.

President’s announcements: Corrine welcomed new board members and guests.

Corinne thanked Jennifer and the Merchandise volunteers for selling our products at the MG Recertification event.

JoAnn and Corinne reviewed the suggestions for keeping board meetings to a 90-minute format and the suggestions will be given to incoming President Jack Lazareck to implement as he and the board determine is best.

The OMGA meeting in November went well. Thanks to our OMGA reps and the volunteers who helped with the set-up and snack/lunch service.

Garden Education Mini Grant application form- Corinne and David Brown have drafted this and request other volunteers to read and review before presentation to the board for approval. Eleanor Burke and Tom Ralley agreed.

Board meeting space: The first six months of meeting space for 2019 has been secured free of charge at the Providence Hospital campus on Glisan, 4805 NE Glisan. Dave Owen’s wife works at Providence and agreed to be the employee sponsor for this. If anyone knows of a Master Gardener on staff at Providence it will be useful for booking this space in the future. Corinne will send out detailed instructions about room location at the Providence campus.

Dates for the first six months of 2019:

TH January 3 – Room HCC6

TU January 22 - Room HCC2

TU February 26 - Room HCC2

TU March 26 - Room HCC2

TU April 23 - Room HCC2

TU May 28 - Room HCC2

TU June 25 - Room HCC2

Directory art: At least one MG has contacted Corinne to submit art for the directory cover. Agree that we will look at entries as a group in January and decide.

Budget: Christine Semeniuk presented a second draU of the budget which included some updated expenditures. Additional information is needed for the following line items:

- Annex Greenhouse Porta Potty/bathroom facility – needs further research and determination.

- Doernbecher Project – Decision to fund 100 (of 200 request), as that will compliment remaining grant funds with WCMG. Corinne will confirm amount. For future years will be contingent upon an increase in volunteer opportunities and formal application for hours to be approved by program

- Speaker Guild mileage – Corinne will contact Jennesa (coordinator of Speaker Guild) to determine criteria for mileage amount eligible for Chapter reimbursement and estimate of needed funds.

- OSU Program Support: Speaker guild Supplies – Corinne will clarify with Weston what this is

The general trend shows stable income while expenses are increasing. In the past two years expenses have outpaced income. Christine suggested that the board set aside an amount of the association’s savings account for unforeseen circumstances (Operating Reserves). The example cited was if the Incredible Edible plant sale is affected. IE is our single largest source of income. Board members looked at scenarios Christine provided and decided to average the most and least optimistic numbers provided.

Annex Greenhouse: Pete Jacobsen discussed the need for a new greenhouse at the annex of the demonstration garden. The cost is approximately $56,850. It would be a place to store tools, start seedlings and provide education to gardeners. Because of its location the demonstration wouldn’t need Portland Public Schools permission to provide any workshops. Gloria Bennet talked about the plan for increasing education at the new greenhouse. Classes would be held in late Winter and early Spring. Community partners such as the Food Bank and its Seed to Supper Program, and the Orchard Society could be included in programming. Rich Becker spoke about the possibility of getting some funding to cover as much as $25,000 of the Annex Greenhouse cost.

eNews: The Board Member information in the eNews will be updated. 2019 Officers and Chairs are asked to submit a photo and short description of the following to Susanne

- What you love about your volunteer work with the board

- Why you serve on the board

OMGA: Marilyn requested that we voice our concern to OMGA that they could release more funds with their grants. Lorna agreed to represent this at the upcoming OMGA retreat December 10 & 11.

Review of Scholarship Applications for MG Training: Rich will represent Multnomah County for this activity and requested another volunteer. Eleanor Burke agreed.

Chapter Meeting: Tuesday, December 11-Greens Gathering

Jo Ann is serving as coordinator of this event and will work with Carolyn/Hospitality

Upcoming Board meeting: January 3, 2019 6 p.m.- Providence, 4805 NE Glisan, HCC6.