October 23, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Marilyn Frankel, Tom Ralley, John Jordan, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schilling, Jo Ann Klooz, Tom Ralley, Carolyn Dixon, Nancy Fine, Linda Goldser, Dave Owen, Kate Davenport, Rich Becker, and Christine Semeniuk.

Minutes of the September meeting were amended and approved.

President’s announcements: Corinne will continue to refine the ideas generated about how to keep board meetings to 90 minutes. The board will discuss the suggestions at the November board meeting.

Action Item: The changes to the by-laws for financial review and nomination of officers will be presented for general membership approval at the January 2019 meeting.

MG Program Conduct expectations: Several MC Master Gardeners met with Weston September 27 to talk about MG conduct expectations after the removal of an MG from the program. OSU has issued a revised code of conduct for MGs who are considered as staff for this purpose. A paragraph on workplace violence has been added. Threatening behavior isn’t tolerated.

Board Meeting Space: The fire station locations where the board currently meets will begin charging for the space in 2019. Board members are working to secure another space and to schedule meetings for 2019.

Request for non-budgeted funds for gift cards for recertification day. It’s a recurring request that has been added to the 2019 budget. The board approved funds to pay for 1/3 of the cost of refreshments. (Clackamas and Washington County also contribute funds for this purpose.)

Revised Spending P&P: General membership will be notified of the changes to the spending policy and procedure.

Officer Nominations: The slate of officer candidates for 2019 was approved for a vote by the general membership at the October meeting.

Budget: Christine presented a first draft of the budget and discussed in detail income, expenses and general trends.

E-News Susanne needs photos and content for the newsletter.

Upcoming Board meetings: No December meeting.