April 23, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MCMGA Board Notes April 23, 2019

Attending: Jack Lazareck, Lorna Schilling, Rich Becker, Carolyn Dixon, Marilyn Frankel, Jo Ann Klooz, Linda Kenney, Jennifer Simpson, Cynthia Chase, Dave Owen, Lucy Keating, Kate Davenport, Robert Medley, Claudia Groth, Heidi Nichols, Christine Semeniuk, Stephanie Pringle, Gloria Bennett

Minutes approved from March meeting.

Treasurer report: Sheets on Google for activities log to be entered in by appropriate person. Go to Chapter-Activities Monthly budget report to be posted at group monthly meetings

OMGA: There is a request for $3,000 to cover a webinar series. Our reps propose that OMGA cover that themselves.

Demo Garden: Orientation and Project day on April 6 brought 39 new people to the demo gardens for a productive day. The propagation workshop was also a popular event with 58 people.

Thoughts on Greenhouse at the Annex

Rich Becker presented initial Requirements Based Design thoughts.

Listed requirements are: Security, weighing table, work tables etc.

Prioritize the list of requirements

Re-evaluate and refine the list

Evaluate the greenhouse’s relationship to the requirements.

There was some discussion of a design Rich presented that would be built by MG’s.

Membership Directory: Renewals are at 212.

IE Sale: Rich Becker reports 170 volunteers for the event May 11.

MG Chapter meeting on 5.14 What’s the real deal with Glyphosate, with OSU’s Kaci Buhl. April potluck with interns went well lots of great gardening conversation.

Meeting Space: New meeting space is needed for 2020. A list of alternate possibilities was discussed and Legacy Emanuel was added to the list.

Meeting adjourned 7:40 p.m.

Jo Ann Klooz, secretary April 23, 2019