February 26, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

02/26/2018 Multnomah County Master Gardeners Association Board Meeting 

Minutes approved from 01/22/2019 meeting. 

Lorna Schilling asked for seeds to be sent overseas to an orphanage in Kenya. 

Harvest Festival was decided by consensus to be September 14th. 2019 

Treasurer: Linda Kenney presented a monthly Treasurer's report. 

OMGA: The next quarterly meeting of OMGA will be 3/1-2/2019. 

Retreat: Corinne Thomas-Kersting presented information on upcoming retreat: 1:00 to 5:00 03/10/2019 at SMILE Station in Sellwood. Discussed the agenda for this Mission Statement and Goal Setting retreat. 

Awards: John Jordan talked about rewards and recognition committee which will be meeting at end of March. There is a call for nominations of people to be recognized. Deadline for submission of names is 4/30/2019. 

eNews: Susanne Cavicchi: E-news deadline is 03/05/2019 for March. 

Archiving: Corrine explained and demonstrated archiving on Google drive for the Chapter Board. 

Demonstration Garden: Heidi, Linda, and Nancy reported on Demonstration Garden. There will be an Open House 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, April 6th. Tours at 10 and work at 11 and lunch at Noon. Board members are encouraged to attend. 

Membership: Heidi Nichols reported that as of 2/26: 155 vets renewed, 26- 2018 trainees renewed, 66 vets not renewed, 29- 2018 trainees not renewed. Last year on 02/26/2018 - 217 had renewed (62 more than this year) Method of payment: 53 - checks, 28 - cash, 8 - at the Chapter meeting with Square, 88 - online renewed 10 - honorary & lifetime. Amounts paid: $17 -1, $20 - 46, $24- 1, $25–57, $26-1, $28–1, $29-1, $30- 63, $35–1, 12 people donated $390.

Directory: Tom Ralley is working on ads for the directory and Heidi is getting it ready for publication. Deadline for sending the directory to the printer is March 8th.

Chapter Meetings: Marcia McIntyre reported on upcoming speakers for Chapter meeting. Several speakers are not confirmed yet but hoping for a July Gardening for Hops by an OSU extension person which hopefully will be at a local brew pub. Upcoming speaker is Willi Galloway – Delightfully Delicious: Strategies for Maximizing Flavor in Homegrown Food for our March meeting. 

IE Sale: Rich Becker talked about volunteer needs for IE sale - May 110, 2019. This is a date change. 

Mini-Grants: Corinne showed the revised Mini-Grant application. Up to $750 will be available for grants up to $300 maximum. An ad hoc committee will be convened by President to look at grants that are submitted. 

The Mini-Grant application was approved by consensus. 

PP&R Agreement: Rich Becker led a PP&R Agreement discussion. Contract is being negotiated and details of that contract were discussed. More next month. Rich, Pete, and Tom were recognized for the work with PPR. Rich especially. 

Calendar: Calendar of meetings for Board was adjusted due to holidays: November Board meetinwill be 12/03/2019, and December meeting will be 01/07/2020. 

Fund Raising Idea: John Jordan will be setting us up with a Bottle Drop Fundraising Project. Bags will be available at March meeting. 

Upcoming events: Angela Sandino, Regional Director will attend Multnomah County Board meeting on 09/24/2019. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.