July 23, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MCMGA Board Notes 07/23/2019

Approved 08/27/2019

Minutes approved to with change of date to: Submitted as of today.

Treasurer Report: 3 people met with insurance representative to discuss insurance issues. No board coverage was recommended by our current insurance representative. Further insurance quotes and discussion in the future.

Bottle Deposit: Our Kroger deposit is $29.97 this quarter. Our bottle drop account is $175 so far this year. We also have $86.66 in our account that we will receive soon..

OMGA: Questions about future Mini-College were discussed. Marilyn Frankel took notes to bring back to OMGA. Question about donating items for a silent auction for OMGA. Board voted unanimously to not participate in OMGA silent auction and to send a letter stating so and stating that OMGA has funds to cover expenses without our participation.

Membership Question: Discussion as to who qualifies for membership in our chapter. No conclusion or vote but ongoing questions to be answered.

Communications Committee: Ask for officers and committee chairs to give photos and descriptions of selves.

eNews: Next month's deadline is 7/29.

Awards Committee: Will award at Harvest Fest.

Demonstration Garden: Spring harvest finishing up and summer harvest has begun. Annex and pollinator gardens are coming well in their second year.

Greenhouse Meeting: Designs of potential structures were discussed. Also, there is a discussion of who might take over the demonstration garden so that a total move to the annex is in the future. PSU and Community Transition Program who have a presence in the area are potential groups. Also a discussion of offering education to the public and Master Gardeners at The Demo Garden and beyond. New committee to be formed to address?

Chapter Meeting: Enthusiastic feedback on the July meeting.

Harvest Festival scheduled for 09/14/2019. Volunteer coordinator needed. Enews will announce the need.

Old Business: PP&R lease update discussed. Rich Becker discussed details of the feedback from city attorneys. Tom and Rich will confer and a vote of the Board will come soon.

Meeting Space for 2020: Still unresolved. Good Samaritan on NW 22nd is a potential free space.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.