March 26, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MCMGA Board Minutes - March 26, 2019

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jack Lazareck, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schilling, Rich Becker, Carolyn Dixon, Marilyn Frankel, John Jordan, Tom Ralley, Jo Ann Klooz, Heidi Nichols, Linda Kenney, Jennifer Simpson, Susanne Cavicchi, Linda Goldser, Cynthia Chase, Dave Owen, Lucy Keating, Kate, Robert Medley

Minutes approved from February meeting.

Treasurer report: Sheets on Google for activities log to be entered in by appropriate person. Go to Chapter-Activities Monthly budget report to be posted at group monthly meetings.

OMGA: The group has a new treasurer and some positive changes are expected as a result of new energy. State recommended OMGA retain 40 percent of a year’s budget in reserve. Taxes are paid on income more than 50 thousand dollars for any chapter. This creates more paperwork. An audit function is needed and OMGA is working to fill that role. Marilyn shared our chapter’s concern about the low-return investment vehicles OMGA uses. Anyone can attend OMGA quarterly meetings. Gail’s report at OMGA-She is very challenged with large staffing issues. There have been 13 staff turnovers across the state. She continues to advocate for the importance of the MG program within the OSU structure. There are 3,429 OMGA members. They are working to get funding for additional MG educational webinars.

E News: Susanne looking for articles by April 1.

Demo Garden: Orientation and Project day is Saturday, April 6 from 10-noon at the demo gardens. It’s a great chance for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see the garden and witness what’s happening and get some lunch with gardening friends.

Membership Directory: Renewals are at 211; exactly the same number as 2018. There are 6 honorary/lifetime members. Directories have been printed.

IE Sale: Rich Becker says volunteer recruitment is going well with 65 committed volunteers.

MG Chapter meeting on 4.9: Intern potluck with 50 interns. Bring your own service and a dish. A sign-up will be sent to members.

Mission Statement Development: Stephanie Pringle and Corrine Thomas-Kersting presented the results of a the 3/10 facilitated retreat to develop a mission statement. The purpose of developing a statement is to have a focus or guide on how the chapter spends its time, money and energy. Feedback about wording. Action: The statement was approved with one dissenting vote.

Bottle Fund update: John Jordan says he’s handed out about 30 bags. So far, the chapter has earned $48.25 through the program.

Meeting Space: A new meeting space will be needed for 2020 because Providence will not be available. Several suggestions were given.

Website revisions: Kate Davenport proposed a change in our website host. Square Space is cumbersome and time consuming for volunteers. She suggested Wild Apricot, which is more than double the cost but would save volunteer hours and add functionality. $192 vs. $600 annual cost.

Meeting adjourned 7:59

Jo Ann Klooz, secretary March 26, 2019