May 28, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes


Multnomah County Master Gardeners Association Board Meeting Approved

Correction to April minutes: Our representatives proposed that OMGA pick up the budget line of 3k to support webinar series.

Treasury: Report presented and available online.

Lifetime Awards: John Jordan proposed that the Board vote on the Lifetime Membership Awards rather than the Chapter. So moved. Awards committee and/or the board to determine who is to awarded Lifetime membership.

Communications: Dave Owens showed a reporting sheet of volunteer hours. He then presented a code of conduct proposal for our G-Suite services. Board approved Dave's proposal as shown to have all sign a Code.

Website: Kate has deleted the trial Wild Apricot template and is exploring other options, including a SquareSpace upgrade. SquareSpace has a calendar function, she is going to play with that and see what else they have that we aren't using. It won't fix some of the annoyances, but it could make the website more useful. It might turn out that the best of both worlds is to rebuild the site from the ground up in SquareSpace with a new template and a new structure.

ENews: Due Monday June 3rd. Call for pictures

Demonstration Garden: Spring crops are almost done and most summer crops have been planted. Produce is being donated to Arleta School, Lents Meals on Wheels, and OHSU Richmond Clinic. New Intern volunteers are given mentoring to be welcomed.

IE Sale: Jack and Rich will send out a letter to volunteers thanking them. 21K net and 1400 customers. 2nd Saturday of May worked well.

MCMG Chapter meeting: Speaker: Mace Vaughn, Co-Director of the Xerces Society Pollinator Conservation Program Topic: Native Pollinators and How to Attract Them

Old Business: John Jordan reported $150 in bottle deposits in 3 months. Rose City Book Pub on NE Fremont is donating their cans/bottles to us.

Mission Statement Update: Discussion took place on questions to consider that use the 3 Lenses of serving the Members, the Public, and

Extension to guide decision making on spending the time, energy, and funds of the chapter. It was decided to try using the questions to analyze decisions for the next year to gauge their usefulness. See the attached page for the Mission Statement and Considerations for Decision Making Questions as approved by board at this meeting.

PPR Lease Update: In the city attorney's hands presently

PayPal Account: Proposal to close account of MCMG as it's not been used for 3 years. Christine will research.

Upcoming Events: Pruning class 7/12/2019 at Oregon Food Bank.