November 2017 Chapter Minutes

Multnomah County Master Gardeners, Chapter meeting, November 14, 2017
Attending, 62 members and 8 guests

New feature

We will have an activity of some sort during the break (after the speaker.) Tonight fellow Master Gardener Evie Hausman will demonstrate creating a holiday flower arrangement.


*Signups are open for 2018 Master Gardener training.
*Members are encouraged to support the the Tabor Space (our meeting place host) fundraiser this Saturday, November 18.
*The December meeting is our annual "greens party." Musician-members Sally Campbell and Lynda Hess will perform.
*Snack signups are on a table in the back of the room.
*Reminder that Fred Meyer sponsors a rebate program, Community Rewards, which can be directed to the Chapter. Signups have to be redone annually.
*Membership renewal begins next month.
*A communications survey is coming up.
*Stephanie Pringle (and others) have suggested bringing mason bees to the Annex garden.


"Heavy Metals in Garden Soils" by Dr. Sam Angima, agronomist and OSU Assistant Dean for Agricultural Extension. Dr. Angima opened his talk with a slide showing the many hours that Metro Master Gardeners have given to the  community, accompanied by a hearty thank you.

He explained what the term heavy metal means, gave examples, described how they can get into the soil in levels above the normal background, and how they get into our bodies. Lead, one of the metals of concern, is held tightly in clay soils with ample amounts of organic material, and doe not accumulate readily in plants. If testing the soil, he advised sampling from the top 2-4 inches, tillage depth. Vegetables can be grown in soil containing up to 1200 ppm lead with some precautions, particularly careful washing to remove contaminated dust. It is also safest to keep the soil pH around 6.5. He showed tables compiled by DEQ with recently tested heavy metals levels.

 Chapter business

Awards, continued: John Jordan of the Awards Committee noted that some honorees were not present at earlier presentations. Tonight Kimberly Bown collected her award for special projects for her many roles in the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden, highlighted by her work on the Centennial celebrations this year. OMGA certificates were given to Claudia Groth (20 years) and Dorothy Drews (30 years.)

 Officer election results conducted tonight were announced:

President-Corinne Thomas-Kersting

Vice President-Jack Lazareck

Secretary-Jo Ann Klooz

Treasurer-Stevan Cohen

OMGA Representative-Lorna Schilling

OMGA alternate-Marilyn Frankel

Christine Semeniuk, Cathy Gibson, and Adele Thompson are leaving the Board. Stepping down from committees are Claudia Groth (e-news), Heidi Nichols (directory) and Pete Jacobsen (Demo garden) though Christine will become the bookkeeper and Heidi will continue her work with membership. Pete will become the new directory chair. Nancy Fine will chair the Demo garden. The editorship is still vacant.

 Door prizes were drawn, including the holiday arrangement Evie made this evening.

Adele Thompson, secretary
November 30, 2017