January 2018 Chapter Minutes

Multnomah County Master Gardeners, Chapter meeting
January 9, 2018
Attending, 50 members and 3 guests

"Gardening in the Pacific Northwest" by Paul Bonine, Xera Plants. Bonine’s time in the nursery industry led to Xera Plants. He wanted to focus on plants that can deal with a wet winter and a dry summer and looked for plants across the globe that were adapted to this environment as well as Oregon natives.

He organized his discussion of several plants and flowers by biomes and gave tips about where to place specific plants. He also challenged us to think differently. “Neglect is just as important as care in the garden”, he told us.

 Chapter business
Christine Semeniuk went over the MCMG 2018 budget summary, a copy of which was made available to all members. Corinne also had a slide presentation with some basic facts about the budget. A motion was made to approve the chapter budget and it passed with 37 ayes.

Jo Ann Klooz, secretary
anuary 29, 2018