March 2018 Chapter Meeting

MCMG Chapter meeting
March 13, 2018

Strategies for Growing without Irrigation in Western Oregon-presented by Amy Garrett, Small Farms Programs, OSU Extension Service.
The talk was a mix of how to principles and discussing the crop trials. OSU is partnering with small gardeners to help with dry gardening techniques. The 2013 project began with trials and results. They were investigating cropping options on land without water.

Why? Climate change and water is expensive.
A key technique is utilizing residual moisture in the soil from the rainy season instead of irrigation during the active growing season. These techniques used in other parts of the world including Portugal, Chile and Lebanon are old, and not new, ways of farming.

Key considerations:

  • Soil with clay and organic material is needed
  • Deep soil (4’ to bedrock) is ideal
  • Soil prep-pressing soil around seed to draw water to it
  • Increased plant spacing (Stella Blue squash 3 plants/100 square feet)
  • Good seed/soil contact
  • Pre-soaking seed (Carol Deppe)
  • Special seeds have been selected for dry gardening. These drought variety seeds can
  • be purchased online at

Additional dry gardening resources:

Enlightenment Minutes: After the speaker, the Demonstration Garden gave a
presentation with a slide show and an update on the large annex that’s taking shape.
They asked all interested MG’s to stop by and investigate becoming a volunteer.

Jo Ann Klooz, Secretary