You’ve probably wondered from time to time just who is doing what in the chapter. This is a list of the members of the board of directors, with a one-liner description of what their job is. Don’t know who all these folks are? Maybe we can collect head-shot photos to help!


Officers of the chapter are spelled out in our by-laws. All of the officers except the Historian are elected annually by the membership. The Historian is appointed by the President, as specified in the by-laws.

PRESIDENT - Jack Lazareck

As set out in the bylaws, the President serves a one-year term and is responsible for 1) conducting  meetings, 2) appointing ad hoc and standing committee chairpersons and members, 3) ensuring that a financial audit is undertaken each year and 4)  overseeing ongoing operations of the Chapter. The president can be reached at

VICE-PRESIDENT - Stephanie Pringle

The Vice President will serve a one-year term and be responsible for membership activities for the Chapter, for documenting and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures for the Chapter and standing in for the President when the President is not available. The vice president can be reached at

SECRETARY - Jo Ann Klooz/Cynthia Chase (co-chairs)

The Secretary will serve a one-year term and  be responsible for maintaining  Chapter records – including meeting minutes, correspondence, bylaws and adopted procedures – and conducting Chapter correspondence. The secretary cann be reached at

TREASURER - Linda Kenney

The Treasurer will serve a one-year term and be responsible for overseeing the financial operations of the Chapter and preparing the annual budget as directed by the Executive Board. The treasurer can be reached at

OMGA REPRESENTATIVES - Marilyn Frankel / Lucy Keating (alternate)

The Oregon Master Gardener Association reps  serve a two-year term and shall be responsible for maintaining communication between the Chapter and Oregon Master Gardeners Association by attending OMGA quarterly meetings.  One Oregon Master Gardener Association Representative shall be elected each year to serve a two-year term.  Only the most senior representative present may vote.

PAST PRESIDENT - Corinne Thomas-Kersting

The Past President usually serves a one-year term and provide advice and assistance to the Chapter President.

HISTORIAN - Eddie Rosen/Robert Medley (co-chairs)

The Historian is responsible for documenting the history of chapter activities through photographs and written materials. The Historian can be reached at

2019 Officers

2019 Officers


Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs (more specifically, Standing Committee Chairs) are appointed by the President and serve on the board, as specified in our by-laws.


I think John has been leading this group forever. The Awards committee accepts nominations for Chapter awards and annually selects MGs to recognize outstanding service and dedication. It also handles applications for scholarships to mini-college each year.


This committee has created and implemented activities to cultivate a strong, vibrant, connected Master Gardener Community. Harvest Fest and Plant Swaps are examples. Would you like to help create more?

DEMONSTRATION GARDEN - Heidi Nichols & Nancy Fine

Heidi and Nancy continue to lead this committee. The Demo Garden Committee plans and oversees workdays at the Demo Garden and the Annex, keeps a record of activities in the Garden and shares the information with individuals who have expressed an interest in the Demo Garden.

MERCHANDISE - Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer is in her second year leading this committee. The Merchandise committee identifies and obtains garden tools and MG identifying clothing, and sells it to MGs and the public. (and it makes a profit for the chapter while doing it!)


This the the second year Rich has lead the IE Sale. He has been actively involved since its earliest days. The committee coordinates the many volunteer committee activities required to support the Incredible Edibles plant sale – the biggest source of revenue for the Multnomah County Master Gardener chapter.

HOSPITALITY - Carolyn Dixon

Carolyn continues to lead this committee. They provide welcoming and refreshments for our Chapter meetings and some other activities. The depend on volunteers to sign up to bring food at meetings.


Heidi continues to lead this taxing job. The Membership Committee accepts membership renewals, placing the data in a spreadsheet so that it can be sorted as needed for other Chapter committees.  The committee provides a roster of all members to the Directory committee for inclusion in the Chapter directory.

PROGRAMS/SPEAKERS - Sally Campbell / Marcia McIntyre

Sally and Marcia continue leading this group. The committee identifies, contacts, and recruits potential speakers for our chapter meetings. Once dates are agreed upon, they solicit a description of their presentation, a short biography, and a photograph and ensure that information about each speaker is disseminated via the directory, newsletters, press releases or other outlets.

METRO LIAISON - Jack Lazareck / Rich Becker

Jack and Rich continue in this role. The liaison attends meetings with the Program Staff to communicate Chapter concerns to the staff, and bring program news back to the chapter. It also offers input for the Chapter on future Metro program planning.

COMMUNICATIONS - Dave Owen / Kate Davenport

The Communications Committee is charged with advising and assisting the chapter on all the official ways we communicate: both among ourselves and with the general public. Members draw on their rich individual experience and collaborate to define communication strategy and improve existing communications efforts. The committee is always looking for new members to lend a hand with jobs large and small! If you would like to be a part of the committee, please email Dave Owen.

WEBMASTER - Kate Davenport

Kate is in her second year as Chapter Webmaster. Our website is intended to be an always-available internet presence of our chapter to the world and to our own members. You can contact the webmaster at


Lorna continues as editor. The Grapevine is a short monthly newsletter intended for viewing mostly by MGs in the other Metro chapters. A link to it is provided in the monthly Metro Master Gardener Newsletter published by the program office.

ENEWS EDITOR - Susanne Cavicchi

The eNews is published at the beginning of each month, and is intended to be the chapters voice to our own members. You can contact the eNews editor here.


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